CE (April! 16,1997 / Hammond Louisiana)

Letters To Joleen

You're so beautiful
Your gazing lust eyes are beautiful.
Everything about you is gorgeous.
Your love,
Your Voice has made my words even more optimistic and powerful.
Joleen is my beloved Angel.
She is the Phoenix.
She is the Jean of all Grey's.
This isn't no temporary love like Full Force says.
This isn't a delusional love.
What we have is real and I'm in love with her.
Age ain' t nothing but a number ask Aaliyah.
As long as we're in love and we mean it and we don't create drama
then we be alright.
Joleen has sweet virgin juicy lips that I want to kiss.
Joleen makes my broken needs into sexual healing.
She is my wing that connects my flesh.
With her
My life is complete
Without her
My life is incomplete ask Sisqo.
You're so beautiful oh baby your turning my fire into burning sweet flames like Rick did Teena.
You are so cold as ice.
I kiss you all over.
I hug you when I miss you.
I can't diss my queen.
I mate with you when I release stress.
Our love grows.
The depressing love collapses.
Your'e my everything.
You grow with me in the Spring.
You grow with me in the Summer.
You grow with me in the Autumn.
And lastly You die in my beloved arms in the cold cold winter of romance and most of all true love.
This is my heart to you my beloved Princess Joleen.

by Cmack Estevez

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Beauty is the key! Thanks for sharing.