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Letters To My Love (From My 13 Year Old Self)

Letters To My Love (From My 13 Year Old Self)

Dear Mr (sorry what's your name?)
I'm falling into your arms
Yeah, in my dreams
I'd cry, I'd scream, hell I'd even bleed for you
This is more than just a need
I keep trying to tell you something-
I've been keeping for a while
But you keep running away from me
I saw a look in your eyes today
That told me more than words could ever say
You seemed shamed and sad to look at me
It doesn't matter about our ages
(it doesn't factor in this equation)
I could be clever, I could be cool
I could be anything if you wanted me to.

Dear Mr (your name please?)
Is it to much to ask?
Why don't you talk to me anymore?
You say your waiting for opportunities
It's a lie, it's all lies, I know
When you look at me, I fall to pieces
And I'm left to pick them up alone
I'm trying to get over this, over you
But it grips me like an iron fist around my heart
Crushed and scattered yet not quite alone
Cause you're still here beside me

Dear Mr (just tell me please?)
I wish you'd leave me alone

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