Letters To My Unborn Kid

Letters to my unborn kid
If I do die
And my unborn kid be born
Then my spirit of my kids words to them would be you're the prince the princess and you're my legacy.
If I had a son
Then I would teach him to be wise and not unwise.
My unborn son doesn't need to be gangbanging
He doesn't need to go backwards .
I want my unborn son to go forward and not go back to the downfalls.
Even if I die my son will never be alone as long as my spirit is touched among him then he will be all right.
Letters to my unborn child is my prophecy it's my future my vision of what I see.
If I had a unborn baby girl
Then I would teach her to respect herself as a lady and not be weak against men that takes advantage of women in the streets and on the corners.
I want her to act and be decent.
I want her to be a lady
Not to be put up against men deceiving sex and thirsty games for money.
I want her to be bold and avoid these cold streets and corners.
Visualizing the future and your unborn kid means you're being prepared and trying to create those images by making your unborn child become better by following the optimistic path and not falling and failing dreadfully.
When you're dead and your unborn is already existing then there's a chance to make your child become decent and prestigious.
Just because you're dead and not around physically don't means your kid can't sense and hear your spirit and your existence.
If I die my sweet unborn kid
Then I say I love you eternally
If I die my sweet unborn kid
Then you're my legacy.
If I have a boy
I teach him to be a man
If I have a boy
I teach him to be wise and not unwise.
If I have a baby girl
Then I teach her to be a lady and not a disrespected girl on the corners.
My unborn child
Is my vision
My legacy
My new blood

My creation from my semen
My blessings.
My teaching
And lastly my love my joy my happiness and my spirituality sent from upon this gate beauty beloved of Heaven.

by Cmack Estevez

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