Letting Go

anger, pain, so many other words describing how i feel right now
i just want to scream to let it all out, i don't know how to let go
my heart is torn in a million of pieces, wanting to heal from all of this
i cant hold back the tears, every time i talk to you it hurts every time

i have to let you go, i have to in order for my heart to mend
instead of staying on the ground in a million pieces which was your doing
you were suppose to keep my heart whole, suppose to keep it attached
instead its laying on the ground, broken you leave me weeping

its times like these that i wish i cant feel a thing
but i feel my heart breaking every time we talk
every time you talk about someone that's not me
i need to let you go, but im afraid if i let go I'll miss another chance with you

i need this, some sort of comfort from you, some sort of reassurance
but i know I'll never get it, i know I'll be afraid to ask you
i know that it'll most likely never happen again for its wishful thinking for that to happen
i cant allow myself to fall even further in love with you

i have to take a step back, i have to build walls around you
i cant let you back in, i cant let you back into my heart
you tore it a part enough as it is, you destroyed what was left of me
you were the last one i was ever going to give my heart to and you ruined that

not once, but TWICE! i gave you a second chance, i gave it to you
foolishly and now look at me, broken, lost and alone
you took my heart and squashed it like it meant nothing to you
i don't know if i could ever trust myself with you again

i don't think i want to, i had enough of being broken by you
of crying nights, punching walls and screaming in frustration
anger, rage, hurt, pain, all bottled up, im letting go, im letting you go
even though i may lose another chance with you
i have to let you go in order to heal my broken heart that you caused

by Brittany Bell

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