Letting Go

No I never thought it would end like this
I felt so much in just one kiss
But it must be fading with the hands of time
And it is killing this heart of mine
But if I hold on you'll go further away
I'm not the one who can make you stay
I have been wishing for things to get back on track
But you don't try and that's where we lack
I've tried to tell you but you never listened
A few simple things is all we were missin'
I'm so sorry for all of these tears
I just know the time to leave is near
Please don't hate me for giving up on you
I can't keep waiting for you to come through
I wanted to believe it was just a bad day
And that you didn't mean those things you would say
But that wasn't it and it hurts me so bad
To be giving up what love we did have

by Crystal L. Miller

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