CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Letting Go

Moistness brushes
unblemished cheek,
startling awareness.
It lingers, spills over
and traverses downward,
warmth becomes coolness.

More rivulets follow
permeate skin
absorb the longing
and sorrow locked inside,
an outward manifestation
of discontent and unease.
Pain personified.

Cling to the movement
relish the wetness
as it smears.
It's freedom is absolute
as much a part of self
as a shy smile
a name
a fingerprint.

Despair's deluge
leads to transformation;
a cleansing of demons
false witnesses;
shedding skin
peels away grafts
and scars of past lives.

A sacred rite
offers forgiveness,
absolution to those who kneel
at the ingenuous altar;
who extend honesty
who pay homage to the aching
that remains hidden
in the chasm's fountain.

Torrents continue
body lurches
struggles at times,
inclined to hold on
but needs release.
Remembering to breathe
is difficult, as waterfalls cascade
down soft, smooth plains
and dropp off precipices
into unchartered territory.

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Such a lovely words in this poem/ GREAT