Letting Go

Letting Go

Remembering lost thought and unseen smiles
Constant urges come upon me unannounced and send
chills throughout my entire self
My dreams don't allow me to see, the heart, as well as the soul

letting go...
In need to move and feel the wind
Words just seem to sound better on paper
There are only some days when you feel like

nothing can bring you down
I get dizzy just standing still
But when the sun is shining or the moon is full,
then why does it still rain?

I can never tell if my world may be coming together
or simply falling to pieces
I feel this could be a good thing
I'd like someday to see a black cat with crystal green eyes

All of my tears have turned to smiles
and when I wake up, the sun is still shining.

by John Ackerman

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