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Letting Go
( / Connecticut)

Letting Go

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

So powerful is kept patience.
For the one not charading.
Or imitating their faith.
And too powerful for those who fake.
Under masked false faces.
Unable to see themselves to deceive.

Faith keepers witness.
A letting go to let God do His job.
Is for them mightier than any sword.
And is just reward.
Affording them to remain obedient.
In times when many perceive,
They can control an outcome.
To manipulate receiving a payback.
That may return from their intended misdeed.

But God already knows,
How to expose those who hide.
Behind lies they tell.
To think them bought and sold.
But in their minds they stay.
Where falsities dwell.

And God knows this.
With a choosing alone,
Which judgement to decide and apply.
With it done to do His job.
Letting it known to those who let go,
God is not a myth or distant.
But nearby to have this verified.

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