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Letting Go
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Letting Go

Poem By Helen Meaney

Written In Memory Of Mom Ever since I was a little I always wanted her to know no matter what this world dished out to her girl. She would not give up even though her Mom wanted to hold on and protect her from harm but there was one thing she did not realize the more she held on the more I wanted to get free. Because it is very important to be independent especially when you have C.P. like me. Sometimes you have to let go of of your baby and may be she will come back home but Mom had a hard time doing that, because she was afraid her baby would not come back on her own. All Mom knew that her baby was out in the world all alone but I was not. I had courage and strength to survive out on my own. On the way there were good and bad times and people who could not understand why I had to show them I would not give in to defeat. On the way Mom was hurt by her baby. Who has C.P. because she could not accept her baby way of life, So matter what her baby did to show her Mom that she had grown up and became a woman who was determined to be independent. She continued to show her Mom she was very independent and always will be. It was long hard struggle between the both of them right up to the end. Neither one of us would admit to defeat. We were to stubborn to let go of each other. I guess what they say is true, "Like Daughter like Mother".

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