Letting Go?

He sat there holding on tightly
There was no way it would come loose
But whilst he held it in his hands
Well, he felt a kind of peace
Almost as if it represented sanctuary
At peace except when he felt threatened
That someone might take it away.
But as he held it tightly in his grip
The sweat from his hands was tarnishing it
Causing it to lose its shine
He could see something in the distance
Like sparkling water glimmering, calling
He pulled again but could not get free
And if he let go and went to see
Would it still be here when he returned?
And that glimmer on the horizon
Who knows what it really is
Just an imagination, a hope, a dream?

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

You have now got me thinking David, of what this 'thing' he is holding on to is! Please put me out of my misery and tell all. Lovely write, gets the thought flying. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
that was brillant.....wanting to let go...wanting to move on....the hardest thing in life to do....It's hard to give up what you have in the moment and move on even when what you have isn't all that great....great pictures, , , great metaphors David
It's funny how the mind fills in the blanks...I'm thinking that the object in his hands...is a wedding ring...the sparkle in the distance hope perhaps...or a grass greener maybe? Great work...you make us think. Hugs, Dee
Yes! I can understand..... letting go......has a fear..... fear of looseing the object of love....