Letting Go Is Letting Grow

Growth starts at letting go
Letting go creates space
A vacuum to fill up with the new
An action of moving on
An opportunity to levitate
To do the 180 degree turn
with our back to the stale
and our eyes and mind on the fresh
Thus our growth lies
in our letting go.
For we cannot while our arms
are burdened with dead wood
embrace the vibrant new bouquet
that life has to offer us

♕poetess haidee majola
all rights reserved

by Haidee Majola

Comments (4)

So very true! When we let things go or take things in a light way, life becomes much easier. When mind is rid of burdensome thoughts, growth is impossible! When we forgive other's wrong doings, in a way we are letting things go. An inspirational and morally edifying write! A 10
Moving on! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
These words ring like bells of wisdom. Letting go is the secret for bringing new growth. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.
A fabulous poem that refreshes reader's mind! Well penned my friend!