Letting My Gaurd Down

If you can manage to
Catch me when i'm vunerable
At my weakest moment
You've found my gaurd let down

Search for a place in the wall
Less tended then the others
Where the edges are crumbling
And where i am more sensitive

You may be able to crack the codes
On the security alarm i've set
Dispose of my warning flags
And make your way in

But if you really want in
Don't breach my security
And flag up mistrust
To sneak your way in

Confront me if you want me
Knock on the front door
Chances are I'll let you in
For you've had my trust from the beginning

>consider this a follow up to 'Gaurded Heart',
hope it gives you more insight<

by Guarded Heart

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This could also be considered known, fact of the matter is that im afraid....when you let down those flags and turn off your alarms....