CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Letting Myself Be

The vastness of me is beyond anything I know.
Where when set upon,
I find a lot of place still to be.
Where the nectar is my simplicity of being.

The harmony of the quiet that is I,
Finds a solitude all its own,
Where the rush and tumble of the day,
Finds melody to call its own.

The single minded focus of letting myself be,
Is this little temporary place I call my own.
My scattered papers find their own order,
And I listen to my breath as I continue to breathe.

The day continues on,
A tune and rhythm, I now seek.
Of joyful serenity,
Where love can silently be.

The love I speak of,
This the call of my heart,
Where its current silent prayer is answered.

(Tuesday,06 November 2007- Bolton, UK)

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