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Leukemia's Wrath

Soon after Thanksgiving Day
She felt sick; something was awry,
She had bruises on her arms
They continued down her thighs.
Her body felt warm, her hands were cold;
Feverishly, she asked for water,
Her family was so worried; their hearts broken
About the fate of their only daughter.
They rushed her to the doctor, that day
Then to the hospital, they were sent quickly,
The nurses wheeled her to the lab;
They could see she was weak and sickly.
It took awhile for the diagnosis,
They found cancer in her bones
It was leukemia they said;
She would not be going home.
The Leukemia killed her good cells,
Her energy it had taken,
She was always a happy, healthy girl;
They prayed to God they were mistaken.
She cried and asked if she'd been bad,
Is that why she suffers so?
Her parents reassured her that she’s a wonderful daughter;
Then she looked out the window to see the first snow.
The sight of the snow raised her spirits,
She then placed her hands upon her face,
Wondering what her future would bring;
Hoped soon to play in the snow, with God’s grace.
The medications made her weak
They caused her to be nauseated and appalled
That she was losing some of her hair now,
She knew that soon she’d be bald.
Their daughter is now sixteen years old,
In the hospital her family have stayed,
She was not left alone for a moment;
They didn’t want her to feel afraid.

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