Levitation With Family

At the family gathering, we had a crowd
So we could perform levitation and we felt proud
It was the best time to do this at the celebration
The room was dark so this exercise was also meditation

I closed my eyes
everyone had two fingers from each hand under my thighs
I could laugh if they tickled
or their fingernails poked me so I wanted to cry

Everyone put two fingers from each hand
under me to lift me high
Though many people were all around
I still hoped not to fall to the ground

I didn’t want to see what was happening
closed my eyes, it was less frightening
Darkness with my eyes closed
meditation as my body froze

Many people lifted me
I was up in the air
My body handled with care
I opened my eyes

I found myself in the room with family
Placed my feet on the floor carefully
I’m back on the ground happily

Levitation was more appealing
When it was someone else I was lifting
I like that feeling

With a big person they became light as feather
All the people used two fingers
from each hand
This game was clever

by Meg Harrison

Comments (2)

Great title and a fun image. You could really go further with this if you wanted.
Wonderful poem indeed 10+++