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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Living on promises,
And stretched paychecks...
Makes it difficult for anyone,
To find any levity left.
Or unexpected humor,
Projected to accept...
From anyone to get.
Someone is accustomed,
To pinching pennies to impress.
With a listening to do patiently,
To creditors that suggest...
Making late payments,
On overdue debts...
Threatens a fading credit rating.
And a loan one expects,
One may not get.
To leave one left laughing hysterically.

'I'm already pinching pennies,
With a hope to buy a can of beans.'

~I see.
So you do have a can opener? ~


~That's great.
We will use that as equity.
Is it a possibility,
You can find a co-signer? ~

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