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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Nothing done did,
Is what is perceived
As an actual act portrayed
Although believed to have taken place!

You see...
'IF' a confession admitted
Occurs prior to public scrutiny
And not revealed until discovered...
That said confession did not happen!
'Should' just go away.
That it doesn't...
Is not the fault of the perpetrator!
The predator!
Depending on the status of the doer!
And social standing.

You see...
Proper legal representation,
Can and will change the occurrence!
Eventually erasing the guilt quietly...
And restoring standards of dignity professed.
And lapses into the 'lewdiology' one performs,
No longer exists as observed.
No matter which bathroom one selects,
To test airport security.

One with credentialed standing,
AND experienced in fine wine and dining...
Can and should use impulsive anxiety,
As a means to describe such behavior
As a misunderstanding!
A search for softer tissue!
And the touching of feet not bared or toes shown...
Is not an implication for solicitation!
But a mere expression of toilet seat approval.
Showing fingers under stalls with signals,
Also are signs to indicate comfort.

Alleged acts of impropriety are absurd!
Especially when embossed business cards,
Are displayed!
No matter who's badge has been 'flashed'
For embellishment purposes.
What occurred would not have happened,
'IF' those who caught this misdeed taking place...
Had worn sunglasses,
As to not to interpret this action as 'gay'!
It's appalling to be subjected to these witch hunts.

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Great poem. Just wrote you another long letter, and like magic, it disappeared! T.