Stars In The Night

Stars in the night,
Shining so bright,
Accompanying a moon,
Which always seems so alone,

Why can't we be like that,
And cut the cobwebs that,
Weakens the human bond,
Makes us feel alone is strong,

Arrogance and ego,
Negligence or so,
Are the cobwebs around,
Pathetic as they sound,

But this true,
For all of us,
We follow them all,
No matter dawn or dusk,

We join the stars,
With imaginary lines,
But can’t join our hearts,
With emotional signs,

A shooting star naturally leaves the sky,
Saying goodbye to all,
And fulfilling our wishes nice,

But we forcefully kick out our stars,
Our Mom and Dad,
Out of the house,
‘Coz spending few bucks on them,
Seems too bad,

We even make our friends,
Using our brain and not heart,
Don’t even mind breaking relationships,
For our good sake and part,

We see the sun,
Giving moon it’s light,
So that we see in the dark,
And moon looks beautiful and bright,

But this way,
We’ll never be,
‘Coz we kick a man downstairs,
So that “he’ll never be as high as me”,

We also grab somebody’s light,
So that we can shine more bright,
And give others darkness of failure,
‘Coz, for us,
Hard work was never an option better,

We see the moon in the dark night,
But never see the reasons behind its beauty and light,
The stars make it look flawlessly white,
‘Coz even it has holes,
If you have a close sight,

So promise yourself to be like these stars,
The sun,
Always helping others to stand,
And even making your own position,
Behave like human,
And not machines,
Make connections with heart and not brain,
And understand each other’s feelings….

by Apurva Jain

Comments (3)

they must have a very long siesta time to write this long poems o this are songs.
Fantastic story poem crafted by a master spirit. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
The weary PILGRIM faint and sad, Shall stay his steps awhile; The memory of his OWN hard fate, THY story shall beguile;