AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Li An One Of The Best Directors

Li An, You have won already director of the best;
It is not so disappointed lost of best movie.
You might affects too much if this movie won;
The world of men might become too active.

There are many things in the world need venture.
How many are possible for every one wants?
The active ones if won, might not be fortune;
Save it in your dream might be better than in ever.

Success is not representing for everything,
Lost is not representing for your failure.
Nevertheless you are the best in Chinese world.
It is enough to say you are the leader in Chinese.

Once you have won is a honorable mark;
No one can erase away your name from this.
Why you would be so upset for a tiny lost?
The crash may save the future from worse.

I am one of those who agree you are best;
You have won a lot for the Chinese world.

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