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Poem By Caroline Ann Bulleck

Who benefits from truth produced.
After disputing those wrongly accused.
For committing acts,
They did not do.
To then have evidence and proof revealed.
How they had been victimized by liars.

With years and time to have gone by.
And those who have lied,
Moving on to live successful lives.
Claiming to have made mistakes in the past.
Not to have made them to intend to last.
Although premeditated to create them.

"What about those,
Whose lives had been ruined...
By lies told? "

-Forgiveness! -

"Uh-a-WHAT? "

Love thy neighbor.
As if new shoes to buy and wear.
To forget the old.
And their worn out soles.
With this to pray,
Your toes will stay...
Remaining comfortable.
With love in your heart,
Never to stray or depart.
From a forgiving yourself.
To remember...

Mistakes to make should be forgiven.
Intentions to make them,
Even to do by liars...
Is difficult to prove.
Whether they have been known and shown,
To be professionally habitual at it.-

"What about revenge? "

-Do not buy shoes too tight to wear.
In the beginning...
They may look good.
But after awhile,
Your toes will begin to ache.
And before you know it...
Anything and everything,
You will remember to despise.
To eventually realize,
You alone decided to pay the price.
Choose the best shoes you can afford.-

"What does any this have to do with liars? "

-Observation! -

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