perhaps, the sky was misty
the stars were hidden
or you were too occupied
with predictions
to notice that change of fate
spelt out in the sky
perhaps you were just a liar
a liar since time immemorial
making money from
people's insecurities
delivering them a bag of nonsense
that they so eagerly clinged to
breakers of hearts you!
the stars that divided lovers
you spelt them out to be
the partners that you split
with your words
supposedly shown to you by the stars
countless stars in the sky
each of which you subscribed to
for crown successions, wars,
earth breakings, waves and waves
of desires for life conveniences
but your eyes were blocked
by waves and waves and waves
that plundered the Indian Ocean
of lives leaving waves and waves
of grief
the stars, they still look so charming
in the night ocean
the mysterious part, i let sink in it
swept away by the great tsunami

by john tiong chunghoo

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