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DS (29 june 1965 / newcastle under lyme)


Poem By dave sherratt

Like looking into darkened skies
Awaken the passion fuelled fire
Kindle the flame of onyxal eyes
And make alive, sexual desire
Sculptured to perfection, watching erotic shadows
A ripe fruit, sweetened, served in a feast
My exciting hunger, I'm close to starvation
I wish to savor, absorb your taste
Erecting the passion, desire in lust
Passion and love, unrivalled reign
Fluids running from their respective channels
Pleasure with thrust, terminating hidden pain
Thrust we can, to a metronome beat
In and out, vibrant colours surround
An ambitious manoeuvre, wild sighs
Seduction precision, an arching moan
Breathing together, harmonious cries
Orgasm's arrival to a fanfare of sound
Clamped in a finish, supporting our thighs
Releasing life's liquid into a brand new world
We climb to ecstatic heights, blossom and bloom
Making celebration to give new love
A perfect moment, a seeded womb
Body and soul now calmly rest
Joining bodies naked, composed to lie
As seperate cores, not divided in souls
Now as one
You and I

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