Liberation The Beastial

Can you believe it?
How it must be to live freely

in today's world.

People caught up in technology

rather than caught up in cherishable moments

Moments that a picture cant tell
Videos that can't unfurl
Moments are worthless in the light of ignorance
No.. stupidity
Stupidity is the politically correct term

because stupidity is a loose cannon

sending the bird to the earth

and the earth to the worm
The worm...
Most view themselves as the eagle; the bird
But few are as humble as the worm
Oh how vanity and arrogance

can appear so delicious

So satiable and satisfactory
Damn it all for it's nothing near pulchritudinous.
If it were to be remotely compared
Then compare it to the disgust of how the word sounds
Pulchritudinous is indescribable
Like the love of another
Sacrilege at it's finest
Even the sound of such a word describes

what true beauty and love is like
Love is the appreciation of someone
Who would die for you
A loaded gun
Pull the trigger and instead of finding suicide
You find yourself taking a risk on the inside
So let it bloom
Love is a garden that needs tending to
Love is a seed that needs to be fertile in soil
Like a mustard seed...
A mustard seed..
Love is putting faith into someone else
Faith is something that you put into God
and God is something that you cherish among those that you love.
Land of the free...
The land where snakes will lie
and the poor are overlooked by others as freeloaders and crooks
When one has a place to work
When work is barely enough to eat
But then there is my choice and my choice with me..
Why should I protect this so called 'free'?
I will choose to protect those I love
because those that I love are worth protecting
It is my home.
Just like other lands are the homes of others,
They too are protecting what they love.
It is their home.
Their beliefs.
Their right as a human being.
So when I go
I will know that respect is always earned
and respect is given to an adversary worthy of that is worth seeing.
Leaving home...
I will be leaving soon.
If I stay, I will have nothing
But if I leave then riches may follow
But the only thing to keep me
From going out to sea
Defending my country
Is to hear her say to me
'Stay with me'

by Micah Kistler

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Aloha Micah... the only thing to keep me From going out to sea Defending my country Is to hear her say to me 'Stay with me' need we understand further than this thought... for over 35 years I traveled this earth... walked where ever I pleased... across boundaries, into and through towns and villages... as a man free from the guilt that each individual must suffer... they who have kowtowed to the wicked and vile creatures of this world's controlling elites... F all of those who tout for and knell to the taking of another life to gain a life of their own... a nice and thought full free write you have allow US to peruse... please continue to announce your presence to the all of US... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michael.