Romance Point [3]

esspeecee … [12.10.08]

O floral bed
En-bosom the,
Foot marks indelibly
-of her.

Bohemian me
Know well,
She’ll efface
Like a
Spry shadow.

Her balmy
Coquette feet will
Gush out,
But to -
Dumfound me

O floral bed
En-bosom foot prints,
Romance Point
For an image
In my sterile cache.

End up
Game of romance
Before the mellow light
O you not
My Romance Point.

Copyright reserved by the Author


by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

Comments (13)

All things turn bitter in the end, including the best homily.
Yeah, all things turn bitter in the end...very nice. Loved the way you given the message. Very nice.
Left and right, another duality of humanity
Nice poem by William Carlos Williams
Dreams destroy us and dreams are not a bad thing and so is life, a left and a right, full of choices.
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