Liberty Beach (Part 7)

After walking thousands of miles
I'm now here sitting at an edge of Libarty Beach,
Weariness couldn't dim my soul yet,
Life is itself a long journey, you know,
I haven't completely completed yet
The duty of the day.
Still some vacant leaves are needed to
Ink..., yes, they are needed to be inked.
You know, very soft, spotless are those fresh bloomed leaves,
Come here, just see my beautiful Liberty Beach,
Quietness in glee one can feel here
Like..., like some the romantic solitary nights!
Just sit here, maybe you have just walked
In some disarranged ways,
Maybe..., maybe!
Or may it be a little thoughtless disposition,
Well, needn't worry about it,
Just leave it, and think in my way...,
Harshness can't deploy here,
In the middle of glittering micaceous sand.
To whom you have loved, you have embraced so deeply
By your simple heart must be yours,
Her sweet glistening smile you always deserve.
In my Liberty Beach you can bring it back,
Such an endearing mind you be able to bring
The songs of desires stuck in the ocean of serenity
And those ones always want to deserve.
Come here, and sit, there is ample time to enjoy the rest
In my silent Liberty Beach.


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