Liberty Beach (Part 8)

Today I am free, so much glad I am today,
The light of the sky shows
Me a new hope,
For me a new hope among the trills of life.
See my face feels so good, as usual
Like every other day.
Tides beside my sandy bed
Playing all the time,
My boyhood days seem to be alike,
Just like them...,
What a joyful dancing!
I needn't to care for those
Who just drink fake desires all the time.

An unknown frenetic beautiful mind once saw
That lovable eyes- she felt,
She felt it with her compassionate heart,
Their souls once so deeply
Mingled in each others praise, so deeply
They often looked at their eyes,
So skillfully painted was her chest
With the colors of her beloved's name,
But next day it could be dim! scanty!
So uncommon!

May be dropped out from the sea of Glee.
Now, it could merely a symbol, a frenzied emblem,
A symbol that she had once truly deserved.
Hope their smiles always remain the same,
May those sinless hearts become melted
In the soft bed of garden of love.
And don't demolish it please.
Well, Come, and just see
The dances in my Liberty Beach,
And sense its wondrous smell!
Pure, beyond of craze,
Delightfullness here never faints,
And thank you my dear friends.


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