BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

Liberty The Princess Of Freedom

There's a free in freedom
a dominate in dom
dominate implies ownership
terminates empowerment

Dominion demands tribute
like the tributaries of Berg Lake
Mount Robson its watershed 
the waters of rejuvenation
Flora & Fauna its tribute

When you have realized your identity
when you take a stand in every understanding
when you cease as a convict in control

Control illusory
the only real control

After you butt the troll from each bridge in your journey
when your voice is clear strong
call to the heavens

From the spire in inspire
your Knight will deliver
the delicate flowers spirea

You will know the free in freedom
and free to speak
to be listened

Only then will you be free
to see the Phoebes

And cast away
free from fear
freedom to dream

by Bud Taylor

Comments (2)

Taking the meaning of each word and orchestrating it into a poem is beautiful and inspiring! Great thoughts throughout your poem with rhythms and imagery together. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
beautiful poem a joy to read keep it up