Licked Then Burned

There are times that come like none.
When some lick then burn.
With their tongues.
Sss sss sss to sizzle.
Spewing venom on those done.
Sss sss sss to sizzle.
Surprisingly to leave,
Nowhere to run.
For the ones stunned and numbed.

Bitten by politicians.
Promising prosperity and benefits.
Then to discover them to be vicious.
Deceiving their ambitions,
To see themselves wealthy.
And beyond just being rich.
While they liquidate wishes.
To overflow their own pockets.

Licked then burned.
Are the people undeserving.
Of feeling subservient and tricked.
Licked then burned.
Are the people.
By those corrupted by politics.

Sss sss sss.
To sizzle excessively.
And there is no end seen to it.
Leaving people licked then burned.
By leaders they chose.
To show and expose,
How quick they can commit.
To up their noses.
As if their constituents,
Did not exist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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