Licking Balls In Velvet Fingers Of Grass

Oh verdancy! Dear verdancy!
Oh vast expanse of space!
You want Zen?
Where've you been?
This is the time, the place!

Bring your picnic basket
and hard-boiled eggs aplenty
Swing your arms up toward
the clouds
Oh there are so many!


Now, I've had Women
'Kick' my balls
And make my lil nub quiver.

But, I've had Men
'Lick' my balls
And make the back net shiver.


When I lose my balls
I feel rather free

I live on a rubber mat:

I'm a drivin' range

Golf ball


by Jeffrey Philip Clegg

Comments (4)

A classic Jeff poem that no one else could come up with and pull off. Could never forget this one...
I think I actually remember this one....Very interesting, Jeffpoem. It made me laugh and say, 'Only you...' :)
Actually, this one's from 1st go round at fS. Haven't written in weeks...
Glad to see you're writng again. Shall I send the poem back to you?