Lida's Birthday

She has never known it easy Lida who is fifty five today
And she does not wear any makeup or hair dye to cover her gray
And she won't be having a birthday party she says what's to celebrate
Life has not been happy for me since I lost Jim my soul mate

Jim died in a work place accident two years ago last May
Life without him seems so lonely for her I miss him so much she say
We did not have any children he was all I had in life
And I was such a lucky person to be such a good man's wife.

Till the day the reaper claims me I will miss my beloved Jim
And I never more will marry there is no replacing him
I was such a lucky woman to have married such a fine man
But we will not grow old together sometimes things don't go to plan.

A happy birthday to you Lida is all that I can wish for you
And though you've lost the great love of your life men like Jim are very few
He would not wish you to be unhappy and life he would want you to enjoy
Though him you will be missing until the day you die.

by Francis Duggan

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