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Lie And It Will All Be Better
MB (February 4,1989 / )

Lie And It Will All Be Better

Poem By Moon beam

Lie to make me happy
force your self to make things better for one single second
no one will know
if it will make you happy why not?
I wont tell
you wont tell
keep it out little secrete
In this place of hell
what was suppose to make things better
and make me feel better
ended up putting the knife in my heart deeper and sharper
you twisted it as it went in
I cant face you again
whatever you say
everything will be better
I just want to disappear
I just want to go to sleep and not wake up till this is all over
Lie to me and it will all be better
you'll still have her
and be hurting me
Say that you love me
make me feel like i did before
once more if you lie and say you still love me no one will know
all will be happy
but it only hurts more and more
with every word
I can feel the cut getting deeper and deeper
i want to be happy and have you hold me once more but
all you can do is lie to me and
do what you think will make me feel better

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