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Lie To Me
JM (April 12,1991 / Canton MS)

Lie To Me

Poem By Jeanette Matthews

This time I am asking you to lie
Because what you are saying can't be the truth, your just saying it to make me cry
Lie to me to make me feel they way that you made me feel before
Remember when you use to look me in my eyes and you would say I love you more
Because I felt you, I felt like couldn't nothing go wrong for us
Baby I allowed you to have the best part of me and I showed you trust
I never asked for anything besides your love and you do me this way
Making me feel as if you love me knowing you was lying to make me stay
If I would have known that, well I should have known that
We fell in love too fast and I knew you heart was too attached
Since we haven't spoke I wish that you could lie again
To tell you the truth I wish that those lies could have never end
Because if they had me feeling the way that I wanted to feel
Then maybe I shouldn't have just made it such a big deal
No lie to me now tell me that we are still together
Tell me that we are going to be together no matter the stormy weather.
I want you to lie to me because I love those lies you told
Go ahead and lie because a good lie to me you have sold.

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