JH (6 September,1962 / Sydney, Australia)


'Die Gedanken sind frei,
wer Kann sie erratan? '
Do not let it mar learned thoughts
This painful joy we sing together.
Go, sit by the berry tree:
jellybean colours shine out
from a multitude of berries;
the leaves are gentle,
breaking the harshness of a fall
(or so it seems) :
the branches are strong,
holding you upon your journey
(as you move higher) :
the fruit is sweet,
as it touches your tongue
(though morning my bring a bitter taste) .
I shall sit here at my end of the hill
and hold my heart still
as it flutters like an old bird
attempting the final break from its cage.
Go, take a berry from the tree:
taste each of the fruits
savour each exotic taste;
there is strength in that one
it will hold you with warmth
(or so it seems) :
there is a sweetness in the next
raising you past who you are
(as you move higher) :
a gentle taste is in the third
swallow it all
(though morning may bring a bitter taste)
I shall remember when I did the same
and shall try to remember the joy
ignoring the cage it made
but watching the feathers, preened and sparkling
Go, eat to your fill;
there is no shortage of nature
be totally filled;
sweetness will overwhelm your body
responding to the heat
(or so it seems) :
the softness will be carressed
as you move to the summit
(as you move higher) :
you will know the fulness of strength
of being totally filled
(though morning may bring a bitter taste) .
I shall wait here in my prison
singing a lied from the tower
listening for a call
and looking for a key.

(6 October,1990)

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Rudyard Kipling


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