Lieing Would Not Be To Your Benefit

No one has the right to lie.

'My wholesome innocent consciousness.
Beaming with the hopefulness...
Of acquiring impressive things.

Daydream and blossoming,
On the furtile fields of my expansive imagination.
Had at one time thought those thoughts.
Until it dawn on me.
Like a Sunrise awakening upon the horizon.
To a degree,
I agree with your assessment...
Of a life lived to be teased by temptations sold.
Primarily to keep you reaching for the Moon and Stars.
And taxed!
For your entire life.

No one has the 'right' to lie!
There are some exceptions.'

'What' exceptions?

'Those that own...
Not rent.
Or mortgage on credited loans.
Can do what they please.
If the land you live on,
Can be taken from beneath your feet...
You can not afford to lie.
You have not purchased.
Or own outright the deed.
Lieing would not be to your benefit.
Your lies told...
Would be created for purposes of escape.

IF you OWN.
And control who eats,
Where they sleep.
What they wear and drive!
You can 'lie' anytime you want to.
WHO's going to object?
Do you realize how many decisions are made,
Regarding your life.
And those doing it,
Could care less if you exist.
AND they can say you don't!
We both know that would be a lie!

Those that can get and maintain your attention.
And have you believe,
Eating mud pies is nutritional.
And will keep you filled with vitality,
For one hundred years.
To regain the look of a thirty year old,
Can do whatever they want.
They already do.
You have a TV and have gone to movies!

Do not mention religion to me.
We'd be here for hours.
As you try to convince me,
Of the tremendous powers within the 'good' book! '

There are!

'Whose good book?
Who's interpretation?
And upon who's land,
Are those powers most effective? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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