Sometimes we cant imagined the things

that it used to be.It turns up something there

is still missing, in fact there is nothing.

Its full of denials, doubt, pretending and a mirror

of yours...

Whom made you a fool? yourself, its only you! !

Wake up from this foolishness before you let yourself

fooled by anybody or being fooled by yours.

But what if, for all the lies there is a truth that not yet

revealed.The question is, ..there is? ? ?

It turns me upside down, realizing it was all lies.

The actions, the words spoken even the thoughts

of you was a greatest ct of yours..

I don't know what to believed, when to believed...

Who is the real you? ? ? who are you? ? ?

Id rather you showed me the real you,

than pretending it wasn't you...mgm

by Michelle Garces Maraon

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