Poem By Cara Green

Feel happy and giddy everyday
That was what they told me,
That was what they would say,
But life isnt that way,
Life isnt like a fairy tale book,
Any one could see that if they took the time to look,
Cause life's full of surprises and forks in the road,
Now that was one thing i was never told,

Loneliness is eating me alive,
Suffocating me to death,
Sucking in my everylast breath,
I don't know what to do,
Life is full of lies,
Where everyone i love dies,
And wheres the're lies, nothing is true,
Its all lies, nothing is true

Everything is soo fake,
And i really do believe that living was a mistake,
And its all because of you,
Because nothing you say is true

Comments about ~lies~

Heart felt for sure.... Surround yourself with good people from all walks of life and listen to them. They share your thoughts so you are not alone! Everyone on here will help you live...read their words and think, think, think, about what they say. Ask questions and write to them. Older, younger, male, female, you can learn from them all and find comfort from them if you let it happen. Take a new direction in your life starting now.... I will be glad to talk to you and help you where I can. I mean it... Rick

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