Why do you always accuse me of lying
You always say im not trying
School is hard enough without you on my back
Ill tell you that truth is not what I lack
You always call to check up on me
Where else do you think id be?
A party? A rave? A different city?
Im only fifteen!
Ive never backstabbed a friend
Not one secret have I told
These lie accussations are getting old
Please leave me alone mom
I dont do drugs and I dont drink
I can't figure out what would make you think
That everything i say is 'glib' as you say
Ive never been one to betray
I told you the truth and now im grounded
You dropped me off at school and left me astounded
Dad trusts me but why dont you?
What did I do?
I tell you im not good at Spanish and you say its because I dont study
You put me down and ruined my night
I never want to fight
But it always ends up in one
Im so done with this
You tell me im a negative person
I dont really care about your assumption
If you think im a liar thats fine
It makes me sad but I guess you dont mind
So im sorry
But its not true so it isnt something of which I worry

by lindsay stone

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