TTO ( / Washington State)


Your suave ambience
...Makes for a clever ploy;
Words of gratitude- are unnecesary singles-
....And gone our your play pretty toys;
Routine forgiveness comes so easy for you-
...As the curtain on your play begins-
Reading your sheet music- i linger-
And trace the lines of your face once again;
...The sweat upon your heavy brow-
Contrives forgiveness- in sorrows fold-
Releasing for you the heavy weight of burden-
...While i so tired- as your tales grow old;
Walking toward the oceanside for fresh air-
...I could see a ship complete with a plank-
My head- in a dizzy spin-'Of Can't never Win'-
I blacked out and came to with a mind gone-
...Completely blank...

August 3,2009

Dedicated to: Sheltered-aka...

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