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Lies Can Kill

I do he said,
As lies off his lips pierced his tounge,
like he say just two weeks ago at the rehursal,
I do she said,
Her lips was spiring with truth,
she would be truthful till the death bed,
But his eyes filled with greed as he glanced over to her sister,
Her sister and him had decevied her before tooday,
after two weeks before the rehursaThey had no guilt at all,
for they didnt care that it cost a life,
her little sister had caught them,
but not found out by the two,
For when the ceromny was going on,
she drew a knife,
not to make a hard decision,
To let go or ruien her dreams,
Or to let the horrid beast get away with it,
she decieded it was the time,
she drew the knife from the marble draw,
and screamed before she stabled it through her beautiful heart,
the ceromny stopped,
she ran the catering stop and saw the disatster,
Remember, LIES can cause death
Stay in school, get away from drugs, And tell the truth.

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They can grow into that - very true. - GOSSIP