BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Lies Don'T Need An Airplane To Catch You

Cosmic inclusion,
societal deletion.
Your lies don't need an airplane,
they'll run you down.

Will you come again,
only to leave me alone?
I'm in your company,
yet the barrier between us is growing.

You say you don't want me;
you say you don't like me.
Your lies don't need a train ticket,
they'll meet you when you stop.

The hope inside you dies,
like the dreams inside me.
Love wrote you a letter,
but it was sent to Hate.

You don't need to run,
your lies know where you'll go.
May as well stay and face your fate,
because your lies don't need an airplane to catch you.

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Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up Brian