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Lies For Children
SD Stuart Doggett ( / )

Lies For Children

Build in lies,
Good lies,
Strong lies,
Take your time,
Make it right,
Each standing tall
Prepare them for what’s to come.

Build in lies,
Bigger lies,
Stronger lies,
See them rise,
Sky high,
Huff and puff,
Stress them,
Test them,
Watch to see which ones fall.

Collapse, expand.

Build in lies,
New lies,
Smooth lies,
Circle them all,
Solid stone walls,
Give them tools,
Use them,
Confuse them,
With some that don’t make sense.

Collapse, expand.

Use the ground,
Get up,
Climb up,
Watch and wait,
Build the lies,
Hard lies,
Ugly lies,
Think and then remake the world.

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