Lies In The Air

Your face and words still haunt me;
Guess they always will...
Guess I should've known,
You'd not be with me still.

The tests I set are crazy,
Like they've always been.
You know that I'm not lazy,
Like your loyalty was, when-

I was in that Hellholle
Of your face and words I dreamed.
It was MY heart that you stole!
You were not what you seemed.

It's like I lost a piece of me
Looking at my hand...
Guess I mean that literally
I know now where I stand.

So now this Pain I'll carry
To keep me more aware
And now that I'm more wary
Of the Lies in the air...

Won't let it cloud the future
The one I thought we'd share? !
Mend it with a suture
One day again I'll care.
Not as madly or as deeply?
Shoot, I got love to spare!

by Val Davis

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