Lies Out The Ying-Yang

I am sick and tired of these people
all they do is lie to my face
I can't stand it
They think its alright to tell my secrets
but i dont tell their's
they talk about me behind my back
they call me names and then tell me they didn't
the names they call me are bad cuss words
i cuss but not about them
i say i hate them when im mad
they don't even care when im sad
that is why i am sick and tired of all these people
why can't they see
maybe cause they're selfish and have no feelings for others
and all they do is spread rumors
they have no feelings
they about life and people
they say bad things about their friends
then tell them they didnt
im so tired of the lies
lies out the ying-yang

by Courtney Hitz

Comments (2)

You sound like someone I know. Think I'll send your collection of poems to her! Thank You for your Open Raw Feelings! We all, if we're honest, are two-faced and gossip! The abusive language is not alright and Never is it OK to call someone names, especially loved ones! If you can't say something good about a person, to s person or about anything else - SAY NOTHING AT ALL!
im tired of all the lies too... but i read one poem..... n if they hate u or lie... they r jelous of u... cuz u r beautiful.... so just let them chill on their lies.... soon they will regret it.....