Eat a tomato and you'll turn red
(I don't think that's really so);
Eat a carrot and you'll turn orange
(Still and all, you never know);
Eat some spinach and you'll turn green
(I'm not saying that it's true
But that's what I heard, and so
I thought I'd pass it on to you).

by Shel Silverstein

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You sound like someone I know. Think I'll send your collection of poems to her! Thank You for your Open Raw Feelings! We all, if we're honest, are two-faced and gossip! The abusive language is not alright and Never is it OK to call someone names, especially loved ones! If you can't say something good about a person, to s person or about anything else - SAY NOTHING AT ALL!
im tired of all the lies too... but i read one poem..... n if they hate u or lie... they r jelous of u... cuz u r beautiful.... so just let them chill on their lies.... soon they will regret it.....