AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Lies Schemes And Promises

When asked to write, a poem for my girl
friend, all about her beau, my first instincts
were to tell her, my answer, was going to
be no! But after she told me, the kind of
person he is, I gave it another thought. It
was then, I realized, the havoc, this person
had wrought! Lies, schemes and promises,
all go hand in hand. It's saying what kind of
person he is, which makes him, less of a
man! How, can anyone, believe in him, with
anything he'd say? It didn't too long, before
the truth, came out, any way! How many
promises, have been broken? How many
schemes, did you pull? How many lies have
you told her, that you never could fulfill? How
could you have the courage, to look her
straight in the eye, knowing, everyhing you're
saying, is one, great big lie? It sad to think
she's wasted, so many years, of her life, with
someone who doesn't have a heart. But I'm
glad, she finally came to her senses, for she
realizes, you've always, been acting a part.
Now, it's time for her, to not look back, at all
the things that hurt her so. She finally has the
courage, to walk away and can now, let go!

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