Life is a film
Produced by nature
Directed by fate
And you the star

by Anahita Tahmasbi Click to read full poem

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Life is a film but everyone can act very well... :)
Anahita... this is so profound... your view on life and death, have a fresh yet, old-worldlytake... I'm consumed by your words... Great Ink! The Best! ; -) -Kelly.
Well the way you express your mind is precious. Your style and the metaphor in the first line says the whole idea. You believe that we if know our roles we'll be stars. So what's the role of Fate who is the director? In contrast to your view, I guess because of the injustices in the world, we have no opportunity to be like a star, the best we can do is to be gone out of the stage and scene as soon as possible.
great and brilliant. life is like a film and as short as a movie.but it may be directed by ourselves too. cheers~nb
This is really creative and so much of what we have come to know, but your style has done the subject such justice, Brilliant! ! ! Love duncan
This is my favorite out of all your poems i'm gonna add you as a friend. Oh anf if you do read mine can you rate them so i can see what ones are best