Places, faces, friends or foe,
Life gathers as we sow,
Dreams scatter as harsh winds blow,
Lovers say their empty words then go,

by Hazel Durham Click to read full poem

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Life as complex as the incoming tides, Sometimes soft and serene /// superb expression about life life rose as well as thorns life drizzling as well as stormy winds life sun rising as well as sun setting down life full moon night as well as moonless night life; actually the name of happy and sorrow together
The poem has summed up life's meaning in such a simple way. Reading it over and over again!
Lovers say their empty words then go, Familiar voices we long to hear, well thought provoking thought....t
Very well said, love the ending, sounds so peaceful.
Life as complex as the incoming tides, Sometimes soft and serene, More times fast and turbulent, Bringing us plenty of woe, touching and impressive with nice theme. Yes, Life is complex and like incoming tides. A beautiful poem so nicely delineated. My pleasure reading it time and again.
the life is a puzzle that can be answered only friends, family members with the doctrine its true this is a great poem thanks
Life gathers as we sow. Nice poem. I liked it.Thanks for sharing the poem on the site.
Fantastic Hazel you have a good way with words. thanks for listing Alan
Very beautiful and meaningful lines. Very good poem.
Life gathers as we sow, ........... yes, dear poet, our deeds say our lives, ....... you have again wrote: Sometimes soft and serene, More times fast and turbulent, yes these are some distinctions of life, but, again I want to rewrite that, ...... Life gathers as we sow, is a great treatment of life, ........... thanks for sharing the poem with us, +++++++ 10
Our time will come, when we will know, The calm, the stillness, The silence of our souls. a fine poem.. a depiction of life as you see it.......your blessed vision.... thank you dear poetess. tony
o ur a beautiful poet all know it and I am told you are one of the best Yes all that profess Wish you could read my MOM'S SMILES and see how a mother's charms live for centuries will ye please kindly
Life is as per our sow. One may enjoy life with full of joy or in grief as per his deeds. But time will come and he will know the calm, stillness and silence of soul. It is a beautiful poem on philosophical base. Thanks for sharing.
Magnificent! Tranquility in the midst of turbulence. Succinctly profound. A joy to read. Thank you, Hazel.
Considering this is such a short contains copious amounts of wisdom and teaching.....not a word wasted. I loved the rhythm and rhymes also. Thank you Hazel for posting this Gem.
Oh! What a beauty to read this poem..!
Life as complex as the incoming tides, Sometimes soft and serene, yes our time is going to come, silence, peace, inner comfort.......... thank you my dear poetess Hazel . your poems always make me think a lot.... God bless you dear. tony
Nice rhymings, entire poems with good expressions, , Than you mam. Inviting you to malvikas poet channel.
It reads even better the second time! Loaded with life and full of the fragility that is factual. Well done my friend!
I really enjoyed this. I can not stop saying the first four lines. They are mesmerizing, I think they will stick with me for a while!