'This Selfish Madness! '

Price the Earth has paid, for progress that we've made, pollution in the air, poison everywhere, destruction that's been done, through wars we've lost and won, the proof is plain to see, when we watch it on TV.
Now as the years have passed us by, we've realised what we've done, the damage to the ozone, that protects us from the sun, oil spills from tankers, washed up on our beaches, the environmental damage done, and the death of wildlife species.
The melting of the ice shelves, from fossil fuels we burn, in time will raise the sea levels, which is cause for great concern, now the problems that we face, through loyalties misplaced, it's time we saw the light, only we can put it right.
Now the facts are here before us, and action we must take, to stop this selfish madness, for the Earth and futures sake!

by Nicole Loueze

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