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I’ve cried more them once,
I’ve smile more than twice,
Some tears run down with hurt,
Some smiles are deceitful pretenses,
To hide the pain that those created,
But some have designated that pain can be heal through time,
So I smile big and bright,
I try to live life helping others,
Even if they haven’t done right.
I life for the future,
And learn from the past,
I’m blessed to be on the present,
And appreciate everything I have.
I’ve mastered to love myself,
Grown enough confidence,
And detected that being different from others is a good thing,
It brings variety to things,
And be categorize as unique,
One of a kind,
The kind that people get inspired from and try to be.
Now I was brought to this world
Unfortunately I didn’t make it
That’s why nothing is perfect
But i know that little by little i’ll make big changes.

by melissa lora

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