I smile and laugh
But thats only half
Half of what i hide
How i really feel inside
The pain i feel
It's like a 3 coures meal

You don't know how hard i try
Try not to cry
It shows weakness in my eyes
I can't tell the difference between truth or lies
I don't know who to trust
It feels like i must

Not worrie about life
But i do and it feels like i get stabbed with a knife
Because of my childhood
If i could change it i would
And rewrite my life story
And take out the pain and worry

But i can't do that the past is the past
And the future is coming to fast
But i got to take one step at a time
And walk a stright line

I'm going to listen to who?
I guess my YOUNG and wise friend Sue
Who i want to say thanks too
For everything you do.

by dakota kennedy

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