Is this life? Is this really how i can surive this hell of a life? Isnt there away that we can just try and decide........ decide something thats gonna make since in our life's? cant this fight be over cant this be the end of what happen from the begin? i cant tell you how bad this really kills me just to see you hurting, i wish that i could take it back and never want to see the last look that you gave when i said that was that. cant you just stop this cant i just let you go? is it always gonna be like this? cant you see the things that i really miss? or is it just to hard to look and see with your eyes and not just keep up the fist? cant you just tell me what you miss? i guess this is the end now i can go back to my hell cell where the devil can take me and kill the pain that you left to heal.

by rose nite

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